What is "The Game"?

In short, the name of the game is "Churning."

In small niche communities across the Internet, there are people who have discovered that the phrase "it takes two to tango" holds true in the banking world. On one side, you have Big Banks who pay out paltry 0.01% interest rates, while charging those same people 7% for an auto loan. The banks get to use your money, to lend to you and others, and you get essentially nothing.

Banks desire a continuous flow of new customers, preferably ones who will bring all their money with them from a different bank. Keep in mind, most people like the 'status quo' and tend to shy away from change. To lure people away from their existing bank, there are frequent promotions the banks run with enticing offers. These Sign Up Bonuses, or "SUBs," are what Churners dream of. In many cases, you can only get a Sign Up Bonus from each bank once every year or two.

In other words: Making money off banks by accepting their offer to open an account, then closing it once the bonus posts - lather, rinse, repeat.

What is a "Churner"?
What is a "Player"?
Who is eligible to play?
Why should I play, and which plan should I get?
How do I earn money?
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